Sweet Bin Music

A throw back to the days of old when one would spend their weekends rifling through the dusty crates of the local record shop in search for something new and original, WarrenScottBand strives to create music that is lyrically intelligent, relatable, energetic, and most of all FUN!

Brandon Warren and Scott Tofte have crafted a sound that anyone can (and should) love. The melodies are instantly singable, the beat is easy to move to, and the musicianship among the band members is natural and tight.

Showcasing harmonies and instrumental chops reminiscent of groups like The Beach Boys, Bare Naked Ladies, and The Eagles, it's apparent that the quality of the song is at the top of WSB's priority list.

So go to a show and see for yourself. Dance along, sing along, and have a blast. After all, you've got the rest of your life to be dead!

Their debut album "Sweet Bin Music" is available now!

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